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5 Decorating Tips for Curing the Winter Blues

5 Decorating Tips for Curing the Winter Blues

We’re in the cold depths of winter, with a couple more freezing months ahead of us: cure winter blues. As outside recreation is limited, your home transforms itself into one of the only spaces for warmth and enjoyment. Try these decorating tips to spruce up your home and turn it into the ultimate winter hideaway for yourself, your friends, your family, and anyone who walks through your door.


1. Lighten up your living or workspace with a new table lamp or chandelier.

Winter brings dark mornings and dark evenings which all tumble together to create winter blues. Solution? More light! Pick out a new lighting fixture that helps you imagine warm summer days with the sun in your face. Come into the store to browse and find your perfect new chandelier or table lamp.


2. Change up any wall by adding some color with a vintage style ski sign or colorful bear wall art. 

One of the best ways to combat seasonal sadness is getting outside and skiing. Don’t have time in your schedule to head to the mountain? Turn your wall into a visual of snow-capped fun! With vintage style ski signs and colorful bears, your home can have warming notes of the outdoors, even in the middle of winter.

Bonus: vintage style signs are all made in the USA!



3. Add texture and coziness to any room with a warm faux fur throw. 

In the deep cold that looms over town, it might be hard to feel warm and cozy. Change it up and make sure every room in your home feels inviting by adding a faux fur throw for you and your sweetie, your kids, and any guests in need of a cozy night in!


4. Hang a bear, moose or fox over your chair, sofa or on top of your bed.... this is sure to make you smile every time you walk into a room!

Winter and rugged wilderness go hand in hand. Bears, moose, and foxes brave the cold of the winter and still manage to not only survive, but thrive. Embrace this attitude by hanging one of these plush animals somewhere in your home where you’re bound to be reminded of the wintery ruggedness, and it’s eventual turn into a warm spring. 


5. Add a fun touch with a whimsical clock in your kitchen, man cave or office.

“But when will winter be over?” It’s easy to get caught up in waiting for the future. And yet, each season is a unique time with gifts of their own. In an attempt to be more mindful of the present, find a whimsical clock to hang in the kitchen while you’re cooking for loved ones, for the office while you’re working, or for the man cave as you enjoy watching the game. Let it be a reminder that winter has beauty of its own, but spring is indeed on the way!

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