Ammo Can Box of Ass BBQ Seasoning


What's better than a little bit of Ass? A whole Box of Ass! The ultimate gift pack, stash box, or grilling accomplice. 

Grill Your Ass Off "Box Of Ass"

Includes eight seasonings packed in REAL M2A1 AMMO CAN!

 Seasonings included - 

✅ Pop Smoke Taco & Fajita 

✅ Infidel Pork Rub 

✅ Ma Deuce Steak 

✅ Willie Pete Chicken 

✅ Claymore Cajun 

✅ Gunpowder Steak and Brisket 

✅ Crispy’s Mango Habanero 

✅ Cannibal Spice

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